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  Sisal Rope
  Nylon Rope
  Diamond Rope
   Solid Braided Rope
  16-24 Strands Rope
   Anchor And Dock Rope
   Polyester+PE Mixed Rope
   Polyester+PP Mixed Rope
  Cotton And Polyester Yarn Rope
  PE Twine
   PP Film Twine
   Nylon Braided Twine
   Polyester Multifilament twist twine
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How to choose rope and twine?

(1) Structure
As to structure,there are twisted and braided mainly.For twisted rope,there are 3strands,4 stands and 6 strands ect.For twisted twine there are 1 strands,2 stranda,3 strands.
For braided roe and teine,there arediamond braided which includes 6 strands,8 strands,12 strands,24 strandsand 32 strands ect and solid braided which includes 12Strands,20strands etc.
Anchor(dock line)line can be twisted and double braided.


(2) Package
We will choose for you the appropriate specifications,lengths,colors,packing materials,and patterns based on the different purposes and taeget markets.

(3) Material
Generally,there are two kinds of materials:natural fiber and synthetic fiber.Natural fiber,such as cotton,jute and sisal isenvironment-friendly but with low intensity and green and natural color are available. Synthetic fiber is inclusive of nylon,polyester and polypropylene with high intensity and can bemade intodifferent colors as customer request.Rope and twine made of synthetic fiber are used more and more widely inour daily life and industrial field.

Rope Constrcction

Size for size and pound for pound,is the strongest and least expensive rope manufactured today.It is a spliceable,general purpose rope used widely for anchor lines,dock lines,blocks and tackle,winch ropes,towropes,tie downs plus many industrial and marine sues.

Double braided nylon,also known as braid on braid nylon,is actually two braided ropes combined into one rope.A braided core is covered with abraided jacket to produce a strong easy to handle rope.This rope isspliceable and very strong.Nylon double braided is the preferred choice for applications requiring high strength with excellent shock absorbing

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